The Robinsons

Amazing wedding in Greenville, South Carolina! Ashely and Chris are meant to be and the day was absolutely perfect! Blessed to work with such an amazing couple and families! If interested in video work for your wedding in the Carolinas reach out to me at harrison@waterscinema.com and check out more videos at waterscinema.com Soundtrack purchased through The Music Bed, LLC. All photo thumbnails provided by Matthew Pautz Photography check out www.matthewpautz.com for his great work!

The Ceremony

The First Dances

The Traditions

The Sights and Sounds

All of the additional footage from the day! The video is over one hour long.

The following list below contains the bookmarked minutes to skip forward:

0-10 minutes: Girls getting ready

10-17 minutes: Guys getting ready

17-28 minutes: Putting on the dress

28-30 minutes: Dad's first look

30-32 minutes: Photos

32-37 minutes: Reception starts

37-1:02 hours: Get the Party Started!!!

Slow Motion

Slow motion footage does not capture audio. I recommend turning on some of your

favorite tunes while watching 16 minutes of life in slow motion!

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