We are a filming company with the unique ability to deliver exactly what you want in ways you never expected.


We don't create films, we create experiences. You come to us with an idea, and we will transform it into a tear-jerking, laughter-eliciting [and/or] thought-provoking work of art. Our method: cinematography. Your results: an idea set to motion.

Harrison Waters holds an MBA from Francis Marion University and a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Drury University, and that’s what helps him understand your market and goals. But it’s his love of storytelling, passion for cinema and one-of-a-kind way of thinking that leads to the films that will make you and your audience want to press play over and over again. Filming since his early college years, Harrison has become known to his colleagues and friends as a talented young professional with a contagiously optimistic attitude that will make each project successful and the process of getting there fun. The Springfield, Mo., native currently works for Duke Energy as the Senior Creative Specialist and has created over 250 films for the corporation. He is also currently working on his first full-length feature comedy.

Harrison Waters

Lead Cinematographer & Editor

Harrison is a native of Springfield, MO, but has lived in Charlotte for the last five years. As the Founder and Lead Cinematographer at Waters Cinema, he pulls from his experience behind the camera and post-production with a love for capturing great stories and amazing quality. In addition to managing Waters Cinema, Harrison films full-time for Duke Energy as their Digital Innovation & Communication Manager. His favorite thing to do is spend time with his wife, Breanna, and their son Harrington. 

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